We are Mira-Unity

Mira-Unity’s specialists have many years of experience evaluating and overseeing a great many cases involving dangers and generally hazardous conduct. Mira-Unity’s specialists picked up their risk assessment experience through professions in government, state, and local law authorization, instruction, criminal justice, emotional wellness, and the law. Mira-Unity’s work in risk evaluation research and practice is referenced all through U.S. national benchmarks, government directions and has characterized best practices in behavioral risk evaluation and danger management.

Our staff comes from a plethora of threat assessment/management oriented fields, and is dedicated to preventing things that they’ve seen first hand from happening within your business, within your school or within your own home.

Mission Statement

Mira-Unity is passionate about helping organizations minimize risk and maintain a safe environment for their people. Real security is more than gates, guards and alarms – it is having an effective plan of action ready for implementation. Mira-Unity is a transatlantic coalition of security professionals with hard-earned experience is some of the world’s most hostile environments. We partner with you to create a customized and holistic strategic plan geared to empower you and secure your world.

If you are reading this page you most likely have concerns about the security of yourself and your workforce. Mira-Unity is your partner in security-planning. Mira-Unity is committed to developing customized and holistic strategic programs in collaboration with your personnel for the safety of your organization.

Mira-Unity offers a wide range of security training, crisis management and consulting services. What sets Mira-Unity apart is the caliber of experts that develop and deliver your programs. Our operatives are recognized in the industry with security knowledge and expertise garnered from working hotspots around the world. Our modus operandi is to design a strategic plan that can be carried out by the customer. As our customer, we aim to prepare you to keep your people safe and to be able to handle crisis situations such as: Active Shooters, Bomb Threats, Natural Disasters, Etc. Our wide scope of experience and worldwide perspective in crisis management, threat and risk assessment and overall security is a key distinguishing factor in the program we deliver. Again, what makes Mira-Unity unique is the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of our operatives that have served in high-level positions in law enforcement and military organizaitons.

Mira-Unity’s approach to security and crisis management is addressing safety while reducing risks.  Our program COPE (Crisis Operation & Preparedness Education) is pro-active and affordable as we focus on prevention and preparedness.   Your staff is involved in the safety of your company.  We are confident that following our services, you and your people will be well prepared.  Additionally, Mira-Unity is your long-term partner, as if you so choose, you can have access to our specialists through our follow up programs.

Mira-Unity provides personal attention to all aspects of crisis management and threat assessment for:


  • Educational Institutions

  • Corporations

  • Places of Worship

  • Trucking/Transportation Companies

  • Shopping Malls

  • Movie/Live Stage Theatres

  • Hotels/Motels

  • Retail/Wholesale Establishments

  • Warehouses

  • Safe Room Designs