Travel Security for Business, Humanitarian & Adventure Travelers

Corporate executives, celebrities, political figures and families depend on the overall security while traveling. They want and insist on having tier 1 security without impeding their everyday activities.  For business, humanitarian and adventure travelers going to challenging, remote or unsettled locations (low and medium risk) this is our entry level course. You will be trained to focus on understanding risks, and how to mitigate them. The theoretical and practical knowledge enables the traveler to be more able to avoid or react to incidents.

By looking at travel preparation, risk assessment, preventative measures and reaction to incidents participants are prepared and more capable and confident in their work or personal travels.  This enables activities to be both safer and more successful, as well as helping organizations meet their duty of care.

The course covers:

•        Context Assessment

•        Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

•        Assessing Risk Threats, Vulnerability & Country Briefings

•        Security Strategies

•        Travel Preparation

•        Interpersonal Skills & Cultural Considerations

•        Security When Traveling

•        Accommodation

•        Common Issues & Their Mitigation

•        Kidnap Management & Response

•        Useful Equipment


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Mira-Unity's HEAT course is a four-day practical training for those going to unstable areas where work and movement can be challenging. The course covers personal securtiy theory before taking it to a more practical level using scenario based training.  HEAT courses also include first aid. Courses are suitable for those going to medium to high risk areas and can be tailor made for organizations to fit their precise requirements.

The course will discuss risk and threat before looking in detail at preventative and reactive measures for key threats such as kidnap, assault, mines, crossfire and active shooter incidents. Additionally, interpersonal skills and resilience will be covered.

The course covers:

•        Context Assessment

•        Assessing Risk, Threats & Vulnerability

•        Security Strategies - Acceptance, Protection & Deterrence

•        Risk Mitigation - Preventative & Reactive

•        Interpersonal Skills & Cultural Considerations

•        Conflict Management

•        Security When Traveling - Including Travel Options, Checkpoints & Carjacking

•        Accomodations, Including Fire

•        Field Communications

•        Weapons, Their Effect & Reaction To Incidents - Including Mines & Active Shooter Attacks

•        Sexual Assault

•        Kidnap, Detention & Arrest

•        Rioting, Looting & Government Controls

•        Incident Management

•        Resilience

•        Useful Equipment

•        First Aid

•        Practical Field Exercise