Haulage Security and Logistics

Travel Security for International Haulage

Mira-Unity’s program is designed to stay ahead of evolving threat regardless of where you’re moving your/client’s products.  The haulage and transport industry is targeted by criminals and migrants who seek to exploit the vulnerability of goods in transport. These attacks endanger drivers, lead to significant financial loss and often fines by UK Border Force.

Mira-Unity has developed a range of programs designed to ensure that drivers get the duty of care they deserve while financial loss and fines are prevented. We are always happy to discuss your precise security needs and to customize a program accordingly.

Current programs include:

Migrant Security Management Program

This program is aligned to Border Force Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme for Haulier and will ensure that a haulier’s policies, procedures and training meet the requirements of the scheme for exemption from the £2000 fines. The program includes a consultancy element where migrant policies and procedures will be reviewed and redrafted in line with Border Force requirements. A training element will then ensure that drivers have the necessary security awareness training to comply with the procedures, and ae able to manage and mitigate the risks they face from migrants and migrant traffickers in the cross channel region.

The consultancy element includes operations and planning staff and lasts 1-2 days, while the training is a 1 day course for drivers – though we do encourage staff from each group to attend both parts to ensue better overall awareness of issues, policies and their effects.

The course covers:

•        Context Assessment

•        Assessing Risk, Threats & Vulnerability In The Haulage Sector

•        Security Strategies

•        Working With Government Agencies

•        Risk Mitigation – Preventative and Reactive Including Technological Solutions

•        Security When Traveling Including Preparation, Pick-Up, Stopovers & Delivery

•        Forced Stops

•        Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Management

•        Incident Management & Reporting

•        Useful Equipment

•        Incident Management & Reporting

•        Interpersonal Skills & Cultural Considerations

•        Resilience

•        Useful Equipment


Dangerous Goods Transportation Security Awareness

This program is designed to deliver the necessary awareness training set out by the Department of Transportation to accredit hauliers for the transport of dangerous goods. The program is nuanced according to the role of the participants, with drivers receiving the full program and other staff members receiving the elements required for their role. This course varies in length due to organizations size.

The course covers:

•        Risk, Threats & Vulnerability

•        The Nature of Security Risks

•        Recognizing Security Risks

•        Risk Mitigation – Addressing Security Risks

•        Incident Management – Actions To Take In The Event of a Security Breach